Friday, September 20, 2013

Spring Time Beautiful

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Hello lovelies,
So its that time of the year here in Sydney. We are all showing a little bit more skin, the air is warmer, the sun is brighter and the smiles come quicker.
I just can't help but marvel at the amazing world around us. I hope you take some time everyday to close your eyes, still your mind and just concentrate on the feelings around you.

How does the sun feel on your skin? Can you hear the birds calling to each other? How about your breathing? Is it deep and slow? Still your mind and take a moment to send your gratitude out into the world.

All it takes is a few moments of quiet reflection to make you appreciate how awesome mother nature is. I find that doing this everyday makes me more inclined to act in ways that will enhance my health. Imagine taking a few minutes to say thank you to the universe for all that beauty in nature and then chow down on a fast-food burger. Not gonna happen!

Spring time is about awakening.

So awaken within you the appreciation for not only the wonderful world around you but also the amazing power of your body.

It never stops amazing me how intelligent our bodies are and just by listening to them we can learn so much about ourselves. So my point to you is that now is the time to start appreciating your magic.

Give yourself some love and show your body just how much you appreciate and respect it for the amazing job it does for you. Take a walk, have a bath or just sit still and deep breath saying sweet nothings to yourself. Because we all deserve some more self love.

Happy Springtime & have an uplifting day Xo

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Build Up of Toxic Residue

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Last post I talked about washing your veggies and fruits before eating them to get rid of some pesticides and chemicals that are found on the surface of these items. Now I know a lot of people don't wash their produce, and I just think that is unacceptable in this day and age.

There is NO arguing that our crops are sprayed with massive amounts of toxic chemicals. This is just the way it is. But I feel so strongly about the toxic load within our bodies that I just think to not take steps towards limiting the build up of toxins in our bodies is pretty stupid.

We have made a world where almost everything has some form of chemical within it. Your shampoo has, your tin cans have, your lounge has, your washing liquid has, your mouthwash has... this list could go on and on. Its pretty scary isn't it?

I have recently read a book Slow Death by Rubber Duck written by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie (the two guys shown above). They are both Canadian environmentalists, and decided one day to do an experiment on themselves to test how using certain products, and doing normal everyday activities can impact on the chemical load within their bodies.

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To say it was an eye opener is putting it lightly. This book has forever changed the way I shop and how I live my life. Gone are the plastic containers, the nasty shampoos and the flame retardant pjs. This book does have a bit of chemical jargon in it, but once you get past it and really read it the shocking truth about what these chemical companies (that make billions of dollar each year off the consumers) do to our products is astonishing.

I really can't stress enough how important it is to lower your chemical load within your body. Our bodies are truly magic. But they are not immune to these chemicals, and do struggle if we don't help them out.

Here are some tips that I personally do to lower the load within my own body:

  • Don't use plastic containers, buy glass.
  • Try and not use your microwave, and if you do have to use it don't stand anywhere near it while its on. Especially don't stand in front of it. 
  • Always read the labels of things you buy. If it mentions "fragrance" put it down. This usually means the item has phthalates in it, which have been shown to cause deformities, interfere with reproductive hormone levels, increase behaviour disorders and many more issues.
  • Get rid of your non-stick cookware and use cast-iron or stainless steel. 
  • Wash your veggies and fruits
  • Make your own cleaning products from simple ingredients
Now there is no possible way to get rid of every chemical which is inside us. Its impossible, they are too heavily ingrained within our world, but there is sense in reducing the load on our bodies. Another tip for reducing the toxic load within our bodies is to reduce the amount of fat we have, as these toxins and chemicals are often stored within our fat cells, and the less we have of these the less residue we have in our bodies. 

Do you do any of the above suggestions? Is there anything you personally do to reduce the amount of chemicals you absorb on a daily basis? If so I would be very interested to know. Please leave me a comment below.

Have an uplifting day!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It needs a good wash!

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Today I'm going to give you a simple and easy way to turn conventional fruit and veggies into the best they can be. We all know that buying organic is the best option due to the large amount of chemicals and pesticides that are routinely sprayed all over our beloved veggie and fruit crops.

There is huge amounts of chemicals and toxins within these sprays and these end up on and in the food. So whenever I get home from shopping for fruit and veg I ALWAYS fill a big bowl with cold tap water and put:

  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon bicarb soda

Give this a mix to make sure the bicarb is all dissolved and put your produce in the water (make sure all the food is covered with water) if you have heaps of produce just do it in a few stages.

Let these have a little soak for a minute and with a clean scrubbing sponge give the harder fruits and veg and scrub. For the softer ones (lettuce, spinach etc) just lightly scrub with sponge or fingers. 

Put on a clean, dry tea towel and pat dry.

There you go, you have helped take some of the residue off your produce. While there is still some that can't be removed this is the best option for those of us who can't afford organic all the time, and I might also add I also wash organic produce like this too, in case there is anything on it. Better to be as safe as possible.

Both vinegar and bicarb are very cheap and also can be used to clean your house (there are a heap of recipes for green household cleaners. This is the one I use Household Cleaner). 
So there you have it. A simple and cheap way of washing your fruit and veggies. 

Have an uplifting day

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My raw food experience

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I went last week with some friends to Sadhana Kitchen (located in Newtown, Sydney) for my first raw food experience.

The raw food movement has recently been gaining great momentum throughout the wellness industry. Its all about the opinion that food is "live" with enzymes that are incredibly beneficial for the body, and by heating or cooking foods these special elements are destroyed or rendered useless to the body.

I ordered the taco's and can I just say that they were YUM. I was anxious to know what walnut mince was going to taste like, and I found it incredibly delicious. The establishment itself was everything I thought it would be.

Tucked off the main road with its own garden bursting of fresh produce, Sadhana Kitchen lived up to all my expectations.

Another thing that I tried was the key lime pie, another taste sensation. I can't recommend the place enough.

I can wholeheartedly tell you all that I enjoyed the food so much I came home and made my own tacos, which were also enjoyed by the family.

While I am far from going all raw, I do notice that eating fruits & veggies makes me feel better. I have recently been going through some hard body times and have been experimenting with different foods to see what makes my body feel best. In the end this is the most important thing isn't it. Doing what makes your body feel the best. 

And so for me personally eating a mostly vegetarian diet, seems to make me feel lighter and have more energy. I haven't suffered from the unknown skin rash for a few months, and I have felt the best I have in a while. So i'm not completely sure yet about the reason for my ailments but I have been taking the steps necessary to help my body health itself, through good food, self love and exercise. 

Have you ever suffered from something that got better once you started eating better? Do you feel better eating meat or on a diet full of vegetables? What works for you body? I would love to know 

Have an Uplifting night. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It takes some time to be healthy

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Hi There

The background to this post is the realisation that most people don't really understand just how much time it takes to be healthy. Now before you get all revved up about how we SHOULD all be healthy & this is just another excuse some people use... hear me out.

I am soon to be a graduated Nutritionist, and as such health is my number one focus. I am super passionate about healthy eating & moving your body & just making the most out of life with affirmations, meditation & positive thoughts. But I am also a realist & can see how most people start a health journey with the best of intentions but just find it too much & revert back to how they once lived.

Now having said that I think that by understanding the amount of energy & determination that is needed to transform your life is such an important thing to start off with.

You can't change years of bad habits in a few weeks, it takes time not only to set up new healthier habits, but to also see improvement from the change, & I think the fact that it does take some time can make people despondent.

But if I could only stress how important it is to make those changes & stick with them.

Being healthy takes forward thinking & being prepared.

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If you don't prepare it is easy to slip back into the realm of convenience foods & we all know these are filled with all sorts of nasties. So think ahead.

  • If your going out somewhere prepare some healthy snacks ahead of time & take these with you
  • Meet your friends for a walk instead of coffee & cake
  • Plan your weekly meals over the weekend so you know what you need to buy 
  • Instead of buying canned beans/lentils, buy a bag of them & soak your own overnight for a much cheaper cost, and the added benefit of less waste & no BPA leaching into the food
  • Be okay with hunger
The last point is something that I think is important. Being a little hungry every now & then will not hurt you. It makes you listen to your body & realise what is actual hunger & what is eating from boredom, thirst or routine. This is called intuitive eating & is all about being connected to yourself & what your body is actually trying to tell you.

If you have just started on your health journey (I believe it is a continuous process) then please don't give up before you see the real benefit of your actions. Increased energy, clearer mind, more focus, improved mood, better immunity.... this list goes on & on for the benefits bestowed on you from healthy eating & exercise. 

And be prepared! Don't make excuses not to eat better because you weren't prepared for dinner, or you went out with friends & didn't have anything to eat. Being & staying prepared I think is the single most important thing to do when you are starting to change bad habits for good ones. 

I really hope this has resonated with some people. And I would love to hear how you prepare. Please leave me a comment below. 

Have an uplifting day!  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Do something and give.

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Currently in Australia 1 in 3 people need blood. This is their only lifeline however we only have enough blood to meet requirements for a week. In a disaster we would not have the stores of blood needed to meet requirements.

This chilling fact is why I implore you to make a difference and donate your time and blood at an Australian Red Cross donation centre. You can check out their website for locations.

I am very lucky to have the "blood van" as its called come to the university every session. This makes donating simple and I don't have to make any great effort. But I understand this isn't the case for most people.

I have also gone on my own to donate my plasma at one of the donation centres. So I appreciate that going out of the way to donate isn't convenient for some people.

I just always think that what if I needed blood and the supplies weren't there!

So please help to make a difference and increase our stores of blood by donating today.

Have an uplifting day

Friday, May 24, 2013

The NEW Morning Routine

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Hi all.

What do you do in the morning? Is your morning a scrabble of dressing, eating and out the door? Do you give yourself time to relax and greet the morning?

Well until recently I didn't really give much though to my morning. However, because lately I have completely changed my routines because of my health problems I have begun to appreciate how important starting the day on the right note can be for the rest of your day.

I do realise that not everyone has a lot of time in the mornings to do everything they want.

But I can't stress enough just how important it is to give yourself some love and attention in the morning.

Firstly, if you can exercise I highly recommend it. You feel better during the day, your mind is clearer, your complexion has a glow to it, you are more conscious about what you put into your body and you don't have to worry about whether or not your going to feel like it after a busy day at work or school because you have already tackled it!

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IF YOU ONLY DO ONE THING MAKE IT THIS. Have a good nourishing breakfast, full of protein, fruit, calcium and whole grains. Something that will fill you up and give you the energy to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

Take 5 minutes out to sit quietly and focus on your breathing. This is something that I have found to be so helpful in calming my mind. Give yourself a few weeks before you decided that meditation isn't for you, because you do really need to let yourself go and relax into it. Before you know it you'll be so thankful you stuck with it. The benefits for meditation are crazy! And best thing is is doesn't cost you a sent.
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So my morning routine looks like this:
1. exercise
2. Oil pulling with extra virgin organic coconut oil
3. glass of bentonite clay
4. dry body brushing
5. shower
6. meditation
7. glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar
8. breakfast

Now the first 4 things I haven't actually written a post on but I started doing them after reading the Wellness Warrior blog. Jess is an inspiration and I am so thankful to have found her blog. She writes so well and is completely engaging in her message and her other contributors are just as lovely and informative. So I hope you check it out- if you want to know about the first 4 things in my morning routine she has spoken about them there.

So what does your morning routine look like? And how does it make your day?

I truly believe that showing yourself some love and attention in the morning makes you day so much better! We don't show ourselves enough self-love. So go on and take some time in the morning to make yourself feel great.

Have an uplifting day