Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some musings about life

Welcome the first of many posts about things in my life that I do to try and achieve a healthier, more balanced and uplifting experience.
I am studying to become a Dietician, while juggling taking care of the environment, my well being and my families.
I believe that we aren't appreciating the world as much as we should. I am often appalled by the lack of respect some people show for the world around them. Things like throwing their rubbish on the ground, the huge amount of material possessions that everyone wants to possess, the rubbish that we create in our homes everyday.
These things are not showing the world the respect it deserves. I want to try and focus on green living, reusing, recycling, mending things and growing food to eat.
All these are great passions of mine and I have followed along with lots of other bloggers that feel the same way.
Today's society seems to be going down a path of not caring for the most important thing in all of our lives... our planet.
I don't mean to sound like I'm demeaning the human race. I have seen SO many positive people out there who are all looking for ways to come back to living simpler lives, like we did before.
Making food from scratch, mending clothes instead of throwing them out, reusing as much as possible of things that we get, taking care of belongings so that they last a long time, and taking time out the appreciate the true magic of the universe and to give thanks for everything that we have.

This blog is a project of love and support for everyone who wants to live a better, more appreciative and grounded life.

I hope that I have got you excited for the future!
Have an uplifting day

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