Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Starting to crochet

Good Afternoon,

I have the very exciting privilege of becoming an aunt to my first nephew. Hurray
I do already have two absolutely beautiful nieces.
So while I have some time off over summer from University I decided to try my hand at crocheting. I am making a throw rug with red, blue, yellow and orange wool for the new bub.

Knitting and crochet seems to be a dying hobby nowadays. Which I think is absolutely horrible. I remember owning the warmest, loveliest jumpers and cardigans that had been lovingly knitted by my mother, aunty and grandmother, when I was younger. Recently my mother knitted me a beautiful green jumper and it is one of my favourite pieces of clothing because every time I wear it I think of how much love has gone into it, and how much I appreciate my mum for making it for me.

So this is what I hope to achieve by making this blanket for my nephew. I hope that him and his mum can feel my love for them whenever they see it and know that I put my heart and soul into making it. This is better than any bought gift I could give them, it shows how much they mean to me and it is something that will be kept and cherished forever.

When I started I found it so hard to make my granny squares look anything like what they should. I had to pull out everything I had done on most occasions. But I didn't give up, I knew that it was all just practice. Speaking to my mum was a BIG help, she showed me a lot of things that have helped me to make these granny squares look better. Apparently I wasn't holding the wool right, at first my knots where too tight then too loose, but now I am proud to say that they have gotten a whole lot better.
Still a bit on the loose side by they are getting so much better the more I do it.

So the moral of the story is the making something for someone you care about is far better than buying them something that they will throw out in the future and it will turn up in our landfill, which is already overfilled.

I will keep you posted on how my blanket goes. The baby is due in May so I have a bit of time left.
I have slowly gotten better at making them. Now only 16 more granny squares to go :)

Hope you have an uplifting day

P.S and what do you know as I was reading Down to Earth (which is one of the first sustainable living blogs I started reading) there was a post on knitting with a link to knitting and crochet online community called Ravelry. What a lovely coincidence.

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