Thursday, January 31, 2013

The wonders of the local library

Good Afternoon

In today's world paperback books are becoming a lost feature within our lives. Now we can read books, magazines and newspapers on our iPads, Kindles and other electronic devices. But I still love the simple pleasure of picking a paperback book up and flicking through the pages. Reading the printed words and breathing in the scent of the paper and ink. Electronics can't give us this same experience.

I do love the technology that we have available now, it has made our lives a lot easier and we can now get information within seconds but I personally think that the books are still a necessary piece of our lives.

I went to my local library today to drop off books I have on loan because I don't like buying books only to have them sit on my shelf collecting dust. The library has thousands of books, and it makes my day to see that others appreciate the library and the tangible presence of books just like I do.

I borrowed three books: The complete photo guide to crochet (for my granny squares), Girls of Riyadh and The Dressmaker. But there were numerous ones I do wish I had borrowed but I just don't have time to read them all. Thats why I only borrow two or three when I go in there so I don't have to re-borrow anything as I have run out of time to read it.

Do you visit your local library? Is it busy? I drove to the central library for my area (this has more variety of books available) and I was so impressed by the atmosphere there. There were people using all the supplied equipment like the fax machine and the computers with internet, not to mention the group of children there for story time. It is this kind of atmosphere and community evolvement that makes this library a place where people want to go.

And so by borrowing books from the library we don't need to buy our own just to have them create dust in our houses and then to be thrown out. I think the best thing we can do is support our local libraries and continue to borrow the books that so many people are able to enjoy.

I hope you have had an uplifting day

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