Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The simple pleasures of a veggie garden

Good Afternoon,

I have taken this break from Uni to start a veggie garden in my backyard. I have tried to create one once before but failed because I often forgot to tend to it and weeds took over, the plants didn't get watered as much as they should have and basically I just didn't give it the time and love it needed to flourish. The one thing I did do with my first trial of a veggie garden was grow some tomatoes and some lettuce which I harvested and used in a salad for dinner, and there were quite a few tomatoes so I had them on hand to use for all types of things.

Can I just say how absolutely amazing and miraculous it is to eat something you have grown yourself. I had such good feelings within myself when I was eating the lettuce that I had grown or when I used a tomato from the garden within my cooking.

I knew exactly what was put on it, I watched it grow with sun and water and it gave me the most intense feeling of pride to know that because of my attention the seed I had planted was now something I could use.

So this time round I have made a promise to myself to tend and care for my veggie garden. I started with some compost and cow manure. My soil is a bit acidic so I needed to add some lime into the soil so my plants that didn't grow in those conditions could start to grow.

Right now I have zucchini growing, tomatoes, silver beet, coriander, peas and lettuce all coming up. And every time I go down to water my garden I look at it with such amazement and wonder. Creating and tending to a garden is one of the most soul enriching things I think you can do for yourself.

I did have some trouble at first when I planted my seeds. My first round of some seeds didn't sprout. This did make me feel like perhaps I didn't have the green thumb I had always hoped I had. But on my second planting I am very happy to say I have got growth of my lettuce, silver beet, coriander and peas.

The two standout growers in my garden have to be my tomatoes and zucchini. These two are the easiest to get started. I had to continually pick out off shots of both plants that were sprouting of their own accord from the compost. And now I am happy to say everything seems to be growing well and tomorrow I will be hammering in the stakes for my tomatoes.

I will continue to tell you about how it is going and I will put up some photos of the veggie garden so you can see how well it is going.

I think that starting a veggie patch is one of the most important and best sustainable and healthy practices you can make within your life. Even if you just start out with one tomato plant and once you feel competent expanding this will help your families wallet and health and it will also increase your wellbeing. Gardening and being in touch with nature is one of the many activities that increases your enjoyment of life and being at home.

Have an Uplifting day

p.s photos of the garden to come :)

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