Monday, February 18, 2013

The vegetable garden

Here are some photos of my veggie garden. It has only just started to grow, and I am so pleased about its progressed.
Here is the zucchini, peas and a tomato plant. There is a passionfruit vine in the background (we haven't had any fruit from it yet) 

This is the coriander, I have already pruned some off to use with some chicken- it was lovely. In the background are some silver beet which are growing nicely.

This is the start of a zucchini. 

I have four tomato plants, the front one being the biggest and strongest. I tied them to the stakes this morning so they have some support to grow. And to the side is my one lettuce shoot that grew. 

As you can see it isn't anything very impressive yet. But everyday these plants grow bigger and stronger. And I have already had a dish that needed coriander which I was able to get from my garden. Its those times when you feel so proud to be able to grow something from a seed. 

I will continue to show you my progress in the garden and my harvests. This is truly one of the best things you can do. 

Have and uplifting day

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