Monday, April 29, 2013

Update on the stomach crisis

Well as I was informed going back to eating wheat again for the last few weeks was hard but I was able to bear it because I knew that there was still a possibility that it wasn't wheat at all that was making me feel so bad.
So I went to the doctor and got some tests done. Thankfully I am not coeliac. But there was some inflammation in my system that is common when you have an allergy. So this week I am off MILK.
I actually think that this is harder than cutting out wheat.

I LOVE my cheese & yoghurt & milk. They are some of my favourite things.
And I am lucky that I can actually stomach soy, almond and rice milks so that is what I am substituting in this week.

I also have had a flare up of a skin rash that occasionally comes across my chest & chin. Lucky me!
So all this time I have been feeling and looking pretty terrible. haha
All I can hope for is that very soon everything will be feeling and looking great within my body.

Having all these issues with the way you look & feel really makes you take a big hard look at what you are putting into your body. I would say that I am pretty healthy- especially as I am studying Nutrition.

And my sister recently gave me the incredible author Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar book. This is a really impressive piece. It speaks to you in easy language & doesn't get bogged down in all the technical gargon that is associated with what sugar does to our bodies.

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I have decided to become a quitter of sugar! For what I have read it seems to be a no brainer. Its pretty deadly stuff- and in the amount we consume it there has been heaps of research done on its implications to a lot of lifestyle diseases. Not to mention one of the biggest problems in today's society. OBESITY.

The book features heaps of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & sweet treats. She seems to be obsessed with coconut everything. So heres hoping that this starts to make me feel better.

I highly recommend giving her book a look & another plus is she is very much a part of the simplistic lifestyle. Reusing & recycling is something she holds very close to her heart & her lifestyle is a reflection of just how well we can all be if we start living in a sustainable way.

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