Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The joy of bare feet

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Recently I read a post on Sarah Wilson's blog about the importance of being connected with the natural world.

Well I personally can't agree more. Soon after I read that intriguing post I went and made myself a cup of tea, walked outside, took off my socks and walked around my garden barefoot.

Now this might seem crazy but it made me so happy. This simple act of connecting with the grass on my bare feet instantly took the tension of the day from me. I stayed outside for quite some time just thinking about life and how amazing the weather was, and how beautiful the birds were and how lucky I was to be able to experience all this natural beauty.

I was connecting to the land below and I felt truly grounded. It is one of the best things you can do when you're stressed out. Go outside and walk around barefoot on the grass, or the sand. Connect with the nature around you for even a few minutes and I guarantee that you'll come back feeling more relaxed and calm.

It amazes me how this simple action can make you feel so good. And I am ashamed that I had forgotten the magic of it. Feeling the cool grass beneath my feet was the ultimate relaxation.

So I ask you to try it next time your stressed & tell me it doesn't make you feel better.

Have an uplifting day

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