Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time to eat more Magnesium

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to report on magnesium and asthma. Whether there was an interaction between the two and if dietary magnesium could maybe affect asthma symptoms.

From the research it was shown that there could potentially be a connection between magnesium and asthma. However, the truly interesting fact that I discovered was that even though reaching the recommendations for magnesium could be easily done- a lot of Australian's fail to meet them.

Males have an Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of 400-420mg/day and females have an RDI of 310-320mg/day, according to the National Health and Medical Research Council's Nutrient Reference Values, which are essentially intake values of nutrients that have been scientifically shown to aid in proper nutrition of healthy individuals.

Now to get the recommended serve everyday isn't hard
A bowl of some form of wheat cereal with soy milk
A handful of pepita seeds in the morning & a handful of almonds in the evening
A stir fry with tofu

And your well on the target mark. And magnesium is found in so many other things- green leafy vegetables, fruits, cocoa etc.

Image sourced from simplypurelyhealthy.wordpress.com

This is why I was so baffled by why majority of people weren't being able to meet the recommendations.

Digging a little deeper showed that while magnesium is abundant within the food supply, due to different methods of processing it can become depleted within the food. Boiling veggies decreases the magnesium content & refining foods such as flour & grains also decreases the magnesium content.

SO the big message here is to eat unprocessed grains, lightly steam you veggies and incorporate a wide variety of fresh fruit and veggies into your daily intake & we can hopefully increase our levels of magnesium- because it is an EXTREMELY important mineral associated with over 300 reactions within our bodies.

There's a little food for thought.
Have an uplifting night

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