Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It takes some time to be healthy

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The background to this post is the realisation that most people don't really understand just how much time it takes to be healthy. Now before you get all revved up about how we SHOULD all be healthy & this is just another excuse some people use... hear me out.

I am soon to be a graduated Nutritionist, and as such health is my number one focus. I am super passionate about healthy eating & moving your body & just making the most out of life with affirmations, meditation & positive thoughts. But I am also a realist & can see how most people start a health journey with the best of intentions but just find it too much & revert back to how they once lived.

Now having said that I think that by understanding the amount of energy & determination that is needed to transform your life is such an important thing to start off with.

You can't change years of bad habits in a few weeks, it takes time not only to set up new healthier habits, but to also see improvement from the change, & I think the fact that it does take some time can make people despondent.

But if I could only stress how important it is to make those changes & stick with them.

Being healthy takes forward thinking & being prepared.

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If you don't prepare it is easy to slip back into the realm of convenience foods & we all know these are filled with all sorts of nasties. So think ahead.

  • If your going out somewhere prepare some healthy snacks ahead of time & take these with you
  • Meet your friends for a walk instead of coffee & cake
  • Plan your weekly meals over the weekend so you know what you need to buy 
  • Instead of buying canned beans/lentils, buy a bag of them & soak your own overnight for a much cheaper cost, and the added benefit of less waste & no BPA leaching into the food
  • Be okay with hunger
The last point is something that I think is important. Being a little hungry every now & then will not hurt you. It makes you listen to your body & realise what is actual hunger & what is eating from boredom, thirst or routine. This is called intuitive eating & is all about being connected to yourself & what your body is actually trying to tell you.

If you have just started on your health journey (I believe it is a continuous process) then please don't give up before you see the real benefit of your actions. Increased energy, clearer mind, more focus, improved mood, better immunity.... this list goes on & on for the benefits bestowed on you from healthy eating & exercise. 

And be prepared! Don't make excuses not to eat better because you weren't prepared for dinner, or you went out with friends & didn't have anything to eat. Being & staying prepared I think is the single most important thing to do when you are starting to change bad habits for good ones. 

I really hope this has resonated with some people. And I would love to hear how you prepare. Please leave me a comment below. 

Have an uplifting day!  

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