Sunday, June 23, 2013

My raw food experience

Image credit: Not Quite Nigella

I went last week with some friends to Sadhana Kitchen (located in Newtown, Sydney) for my first raw food experience.

The raw food movement has recently been gaining great momentum throughout the wellness industry. Its all about the opinion that food is "live" with enzymes that are incredibly beneficial for the body, and by heating or cooking foods these special elements are destroyed or rendered useless to the body.

I ordered the taco's and can I just say that they were YUM. I was anxious to know what walnut mince was going to taste like, and I found it incredibly delicious. The establishment itself was everything I thought it would be.

Tucked off the main road with its own garden bursting of fresh produce, Sadhana Kitchen lived up to all my expectations.

Another thing that I tried was the key lime pie, another taste sensation. I can't recommend the place enough.

I can wholeheartedly tell you all that I enjoyed the food so much I came home and made my own tacos, which were also enjoyed by the family.

While I am far from going all raw, I do notice that eating fruits & veggies makes me feel better. I have recently been going through some hard body times and have been experimenting with different foods to see what makes my body feel best. In the end this is the most important thing isn't it. Doing what makes your body feel the best. 

And so for me personally eating a mostly vegetarian diet, seems to make me feel lighter and have more energy. I haven't suffered from the unknown skin rash for a few months, and I have felt the best I have in a while. So i'm not completely sure yet about the reason for my ailments but I have been taking the steps necessary to help my body health itself, through good food, self love and exercise. 

Have you ever suffered from something that got better once you started eating better? Do you feel better eating meat or on a diet full of vegetables? What works for you body? I would love to know 

Have an Uplifting night. 

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