Friday, September 20, 2013

Spring Time Beautiful

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Hello lovelies,
So its that time of the year here in Sydney. We are all showing a little bit more skin, the air is warmer, the sun is brighter and the smiles come quicker.
I just can't help but marvel at the amazing world around us. I hope you take some time everyday to close your eyes, still your mind and just concentrate on the feelings around you.

How does the sun feel on your skin? Can you hear the birds calling to each other? How about your breathing? Is it deep and slow? Still your mind and take a moment to send your gratitude out into the world.

All it takes is a few moments of quiet reflection to make you appreciate how awesome mother nature is. I find that doing this everyday makes me more inclined to act in ways that will enhance my health. Imagine taking a few minutes to say thank you to the universe for all that beauty in nature and then chow down on a fast-food burger. Not gonna happen!

Spring time is about awakening.

So awaken within you the appreciation for not only the wonderful world around you but also the amazing power of your body.

It never stops amazing me how intelligent our bodies are and just by listening to them we can learn so much about ourselves. So my point to you is that now is the time to start appreciating your magic.

Give yourself some love and show your body just how much you appreciate and respect it for the amazing job it does for you. Take a walk, have a bath or just sit still and deep breath saying sweet nothings to yourself. Because we all deserve some more self love.

Happy Springtime & have an uplifting day Xo

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